Dynaco High Speed Doors for Explosion sensitive enclosures (DYHSDES)


In an environment that is prone to any type of explosion, the DYNACO high speed doors for explosion sensitive enclosures aka “DYNACO atex” high speed doors offered by PETE are a must. These doors are specifically designed for outside purposes that have a harsh condition. Apragaz, a well-known inspection body for inspecting explosive atmosphere, has officially approved our DYNACO doors. The metallic parts of the door are made using stainless steel, while the non-metallic parts are made using antistatic or electrically conductive materials. This prevents the buildup of static electricity that would result in the generation of sparks.


These high speed “atex doors” offer an improved traffic flow, savings on energy cost, environmental control, and increased employee comfort because of its perfect sealing properties and high operating speed. The doors we provide have a self-reinserting quality that makes them automatically reinsert themselves in the case of an accidental hit. These doors can be used in indoor, outdoor and all weather conditions.


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