Advice Service ;


We are here to help and can provide you with help and guidance or direct you towards relevant information. If you have any queries relating to our Product range. Although we will always endeavor to give you the best possible advice, the responsibility for ensuring that you are adhering to safety legislation, building regulations, other regulations or best practice remains with you.


There is regulation with regards to the maintenance of all the products, you are responsible for setting up any service and maintenance programs required for the products which you purchased from us after expiry of warranty period. However, to help you with this task, we offer a free reminder service which you can register for after the checkout stage. Just tell us at this point which reminders you wish to receive and at which frequency. 


Customer Service Policy


Clear pricing;


We believe that you have a right to be given clear and unmistakable pricing information. We always furnish List price and Discounts in our offeres where possible. Prices may differ order to order and purely based on volumes.


Clear product information and additional technical support:


We will always attempt to describe products in plain English in a condensed format to help you choose and compare products easily. Our sales staff are trained to advise you on technical issues and are happy to assist you in person, over the phone or by email. We strive to reply within two working days. For more complex products, we  do need time to obtain informations from the manufacturer as we do not beleive in strategy to offer wrong information to our customer.