Maintenance Contract

Regular maintenance of any equipment is indispensable to ensure its long life and functionality. At PETE, we understand the need to maintain all types of equipment and have come up with our maintenance contract services. We have a maintenance support team to assist all our customers in times of breakdown. You can take our Annual Maintenance Contract at nominal rates to keep all your equipment working as good as new always. Apart from that we also provide a service called Rider, which is a premium, any time service 24x7.  

You can get this service for both the goods that are or are not supplied by PETE. However, the warranty period of different equipment differs as per the terms in case you want a replacement of certain parts. The warranty period for the spare parts sold by PETE is generally 12 months, while for those that are non-PETE is 3 months.

There are many perks of taking our maintenance contract service. Your equipment would be serviced as per the DYNACO and DoorHan standards, the risk of a breakdown would be minimized, and moreover, it increases the lifespan of your doors and other equipment for greater safety and better performance.

The benefits of a long-term service and maintenance contract with us are as follows :

  • It ensures that your equipment is serviced  DoorHan & Dynaco standards,
  • You will have reduced risk of breakdown
  • It increases life span of the doors and will have continued levels of safety and performance.


For more details on offer, please speak to our Customer Care at +966-54-5603773 or write to us at

* Rider - Premium "Any Time Service" can be clubbed with AMC to gain access to our 24x7 services