Repair Services

Be assured that if there is a problem with your Doors or Docking equipment, our highly qualified technicians will be able to find its cause and to rapidly provide you with an efficient solution. We are aware of the importance of good customer service. Irrespective of type of service you ask for its always PETE endevour to satisfy its customer with unmatched sales & service..


  • Does your doors or docking equipment no longer work like it used to?
  • Does it make loud, unpleasant noises?
  • With age, your door may start to experience certain problems. It may no longer close properly or it may stop before it reaches the ground. It may also feel heavy, be difficult to open, or no longer open at all.
  • Does it open and close the door by itself? Is the reverse safety mechanism no longer working?

For all of the above, contact us immediately for all of your repair needs. We offer a service "Service on Demand" which is exclusively for On-Call Repair being charged on job basis . We will guarantee your equipment will be fixed quickly and correctly. Here are some of the many services we offer:


  • Inspection
  • Troubleshooting & Repair
  • Hardware & Software corrections
  • Mordenization & Upgrades
  • Complete Servicing

You may contact us for above services at or call us at +966-11-4989214.