Dynaco High Speed Doors - All Weather (DYHSDAW)


At PETE, we have some of the most energy-efficient and cost-effective high speed doors that work wonders in all types of weather situations. The DYNACO high speed doors that we provide are specifically designed to be used in all types of outside applications that are medium sized. They can undergo intensive usage and can even be subjected to extreme wind loads. Whether it is rain, snow, wind, dirt or other extreme temperatures, these high speed doors are all-weather resistant and would protect you from everything.


They are quick and easy to operate while also providing a perfect sealing facility to save energy, be environment-friendly and be comfortable to your employees. Moreover, these high speed doors are self-reinserting that allows the curtain to get reinserted automatically in case it comes off the track due to an accidental hit. You can find various models of the DYNACO high speed doors with us.