• 28th Nov 2017, United Carton Industries Co, Al Kharj Industrial Area  PETE installs Turnstile Gate at Al Kharj Plant of UCIC ( United Carton Industries Limited) adjacent to Hygiene Station line for authorised entry and exit of employees.    ...Read More
  • PETE attended Dynaco Entematic Dealer Event 2017 held between 18th June until 21st June 2017 in Spain. During the event Dynaco introduced various new products and also awarded their best performing distributors for the year 2014 & 2015. The event w...Read More
  • PETE Technical staff visited Dynaco-Entrematic Istanbul office in Turkey and attended Workshop on "Installation & Maintenance Technical Know-How of Ditec Gate Automation Products" from 19th Sep until 21st Sep 2017. During the meeting, Ditec also g...Read More
  • Our Sales Team visits DoorHan Asia Pacific Plant located in Suzhou. During the visit they held talks with DoorHan management on joint cooperation to promote to DoorHan product range in the Kingdom. DoorHan Suzhou has state of art facility in Suzhou c...Read More
  • PETE Technicians attended 3-days training programme held in Dynaco-Entrematic Factory in Moorsel, Belgium from 16th March to 18th March 2017. During the course, they have been trained on installation and repair of High Speed Doors. Dynaco Management...Read More