Scissor Vertical Reciprocating Conveyor System (SVRCSS)


VRC (Vertical Reciprocating Conveyor) is a transportation conveyor moving car form one floor to another, it is a highly customizedproduct, which could be customized accordingto customer’s different requirements from lifting height, lifting capacity to platform size.


S-VRC is a kind of car or goods lift, and industry use vertical table lift

- A foundation pit is needed for S-VRC

- The ground will be flat after S-VRC descend to bottom position

- Hydraulic cylinder direct drive system


- Double cylinder design

- High precision and stable hydraulic drive system

- Automatic shut-dff once operator releases the button swith

- Small space occupation

- Pre-assembled structure makes easier installation

- Remote control is optional

- Double or triple levels of platforms are available to have more parking

- Top quality diamond steel plate

- Hydraulic overloading protection available


Lifting Capacity     : 2,000-10,000 kg

Lifting Height        : 2,000-10,000mm

Platform Length    : 2000mm-6000mm

Platform Width      : 2000mm-5000mm


Platform Material  : Diamond steel sheet (standard) / 4mm Aluminum steel sheet (optional)

Drive Mode           : Hydraulic(cylinder with double steel chains)

Operation             : Button switch (standard) / remote controller (optional)

Power Pack           : 4 kw hydraulic power pump

Lifting Speed        : 4 m / min


Safery Device        : Mechanical anti-falling lock

Finishing              : Paint spray