Fully Glazed Panoramic Doors (HSD01)


Panoramic Sectional Door has been designed specifically for buildings where a lot of natural light is required. The door appears elegant with its clean lines and allows lots of light into the building. Due to its construction the door appears light and can be adapted to the architectural lines of the building. It is suitable for use in car showrooms, warehousing and production environments. 


Panoramic Sectional Door can be supplied in a range of colors. Panoramic Sectional Doors can be supplied with a variety of different track systems depending on space and installation required.


It is designed with finger protection between the sections, which makes it impossible to get your fingers crushed while the door is moving. The danger of crushing your fingers between the door rollers and the vertical tracks is equally avoided by using protection plates.


They are available from DoorHan (Europe & Asia Pacific Plant) as well as from Loading Systems ( The Netherlands).