Dock Houses (DH01)


For those working on a limited yard space, where dock leveler and dock shelter cannot be easily installed, dock houses, offered by PETE, come out as the best solution. These are installed outside the building and offer multiple functions like saving the storage space, protecting the goods from any type of climatic change and also keeping micro-climate. They can be easily upgraded without performing any type of major modification on the actual building. These dock houses are installed at various angles like 90˚, 60˚, 45˚, and 30˚ to allow easy parking of truck in the area where perpendicular parking is not feasible. A series of lights are also available in the dock houses that we provide.


Owing to their design, the standard series dock houses, DHOUS (S) (90/60/45/30) and DHOUS (P) (90/60/45/30), can be used with all types of dock shelters and dock levelers. The DHOUS (S) have sidewalls made of sandwich panels while corrugated steel sheeting is used to make DHOUS (P). Overlaid installation is used to install all type of dock houses with ease. Pre-assembled components of the dock house allow quick and easy installation. We also add many additional components and features to the dock house as per your requirements.


The light series dock house, i.e., DHOUSL (90/60/45/30), have a more technological design along with being lighter. These lighter versions are used with hinged lip levelers that not only have a width of 1800/2000 mm and length 2000/2500 mm but also a dock shelter dimension of 3400x3400 mm. Various additional elements can be added in the standard delivery process with maximally seals the building.


For more details on Dock House, please download the technical flyer from download section.