DoorHan High Speed Door - Indoor (DHHSDI)


The DoorHan high speed doors provided by PETE are one of the most durable and curtain fabrics for a variety of indoor uses. These DoorHan doors are made from durable polyester (700– 1700 g/m2) that makes them ideal for different indoor purposes. The doors that we offer come with embedded vision panels that allow you to get a clear view of the opposite areas of the door. The best feature of our DoorHan doors is that they minimize the heat / cool loss while providing a high capacity for traffic through-put. The speed of the DoorHan doors can be easily adjusted for rapid operations to maintain the indoor climate during high traffic as well.


They are safe to be used as they do not have any type of rigid pieces attached to them. They are self-repairing and are automatically guided back to their track in case they come off track. The tracks and side frames of the DoorHan doors are made using galvanized steel and can even be custom-ordered in in stainless steel as well.