DoorHan High Speed Door - Outdoor (DHHSDO)


The DoorHan high speed doors offered by PETE for outdoor purposes are made from durable polyester (700– 1700 g/m2) that allows them to last for many years even on regular use. The doors that we provide come with embedded vision panels that make it easy for a person to look through the doors on the opposite side as well. These doors have a high traffic through-put capacity while also minimizing the temperature loss during any type of traffic flow. These ensure that the temperature is maintained inside even when there is a heavy traffic flow.


The curtains of the doors do not have any type of rigid pieces that makes them safe to be used by anyone. These doors are self-repairing and are automatically guided back to the actual track if they come off the track due to some accidental impact. We offer these doors with frames and tracks made using galvanized steel and also stainless steel that are painted in various RAL colors.


For Technical leaflet on DoorHan Outdoor High Seed Door, please click here to download.