Garage Doors (GD01)


A Sectional garage door is designed into multiple hinged sections so that when opening, each section is given flexibility to allow the door to change its shape to reach its end position above the garage space.


Sectional Garage Doors are becoming increasingly more popular as home owners search for that unique garage door that is different to all others in their neighborhood


Sectional Garage Doors are a very spacious form of garage door protection. Due to the fact that the doors open vertically, sectional garage doors provide more space on your driveway allowing you to park closer to garage reducing the risk of any damage having your car parked closer to the road.


Sectional doors are available in two primary designs, with several variations of each. The designs available are Ribbed and Paneled design sections.


Ribbed designs are models which have linear indentations to provide an organized appearance with a design flowing from top to bottom. As their design is so basic, they retain their beautiful appearances without becoming unfashionable. Designs available in :

  • Large Ribbed/L-Ribbed
  • Medium Ribbed/M-Ribbed
  • Small Ribbed/S-Ribbed.


Paneled designs are models which have indented panel sections. These panels allow the door to appear more symmetrical with a precisely printed design. Paneled designs also allow for the addition of “windowed sections” to entice the natural sunlight into your garage. Paneled designs are available in:


  • Large Paneled/L-Paneled
  • Small Paneled/S-Paneled


Sectional garage doors are available both manual and or electric operation and are available from DoorHan & PETE Asia Pacific facility.