Gate Barriers (GB01)


The Gate Barriers offered by PETE are very useful in a number of purposes. These barriers efficiently restrict the entry and exit of any type of vehicles. They are mostly installed in areas that have a controlled or restricted entry or exit of vehicles. The gate barriers that we offer are reliable and durable that can easily operate in all types of weather conditions. These barriers have a fan on the inside of their body that allows the easy operation of the barrier with an intensity of 70% while also preventing any type of overheating of the motor. Our gate barriers are easy to install as all they come with the electrical connections and everything else already done from the factory. These barriers have a vandal-proof steel design and come with a built-in lamp. The boom has reflective straps that allow quick visibility. We provide various boom lengths like 4000mm, 5000mm, and 6000mm according to the requirements of our clients.