Mechanical Dock Levellers (MDL01)


In places with less or no electric supply, mechanical dock levelers are best for loading/unloading all types of goods. The mechanical dock levelers aka MODL do not require any type of power supply for their working and can be installed even when there is no possibility of installing an electric leveler. It needs to be manually lifted by 2 persons, which then causes an automatic opening of the leveler’s lips. It is then lowered to reach the vehicle’s floor and upon successful loading/unloading, it is returned to its original position. Both embedded and suspended installation methods can be used to install the mechanical dock leveler.


The mini-series of the mechanical dock leveler aka MDLM also works in no power areas and in places where electro-hydraulic dock leveler cannot be installed due to unavailability of electricity. This mini leveler weighs comparatively less (370 kg), but still has the capacity to withstand both dynamic load (6000kg) as well as static load (9000kg). It can be lifted by a single person to perform any type of loading or unloading work.


The mechanical dock levelers that are offered by PETE have a number of features like self-cleaning hinges, 400mm lip length, 100mm side tilt, yellow-black signal strip, better adhesion, side air bags, locking mechanism, and safe transverse movement.