Retractable Dock Shelter (RDS01)


The inflatable dock shelters provided by PETE are suitable for installation in places where effective insulation and sealing is required. These shelters are ideal for places with controlled temperatures. Unlike other analogs, any vehicle does not get pressed against the dock while performing loading/unloading functions. There is an inflatable cushion in the dock that completely wraps the vehicle to allow effective sealing. “Cordura”, a wear and tear resistant material, is used in the manufacturing of the air bags that surround the vehicle. The top air bags get inflated as soon as the vehicle partially enters the dock and deflate once the vehicle completely leaves the dock shelter.


A control panel can be used to operate this shelter. An overlaid method of installation is used in the installation of these shelters. The top cushion of these shelters can be extended to around 1200mm to shelter different height vehicles.