Swing Lip Hydraulic Dock Levellers (SLHDL)


To ensure safe, efficient and hassle-free loading and unloading, PETE has come up with an optimal solution, i.e., Swing Lip and Telescopic Hydraulic Dock Leveler.


Swing Lip electro-hydraulic dock levelers are optimal as they come with hinged lips. All types of pick and place operations can be performed faster with more efficiency. The levelers lift up and the lips open on activation. The platform then gets lowered down to reach the vehicle body. After completing the loading/unloading activity, the leveler can be lifted and returned to its original vertical position.


Both suspended and embedded installing methods can be used for quick installation of the swing lip hydraulic dock leveler. There are various advantages of using this leveler like adjustable ramp length up to 500mm, self-cleaning, sideways tilting to 100mm, easy-to-locate, better adhesion, safe transverse movement and much more.


Please download the flyer for available models in Hydraulic Dock Leveler from download section.