Telescopic Hydraulic Dock Levellers (THDL01)


Hydraulic dock levelers that come with a telescopic lip series, offered by PETE, are one of the most effective ways to load/unload a truck from the warehouse. A telescopic hydraulic dock leveler offers a more accurate lip positioning for the vehicle body in situations like lateral load and maintaining the minimum distance between load inside a vehicle and its edge. These levelers are optimal for operating vehicles that are narrower than the actual width of the leveler. They operate on the principle that the leveler gets lifted and the lip gets pushed once it is activated. In the next step, the platform gets lowered down and reaches the vehicle body.


In telescopic dock levelers as well, both embedded and suspended installation can be used for performing adjustments. The main features of these levelers are 500/1000mm lip length, 100mm side tilt, better adhesion of forklift wheel, safer transverse movement, pre-installed safety system, and locking mechanism.


Please download the technical flyer of all the models available in Hydraulic Dock Levelers from down load section.