Wide Width Doors (WWD3)


At PETE, we are known for providing high-quality wide width doors that can are apt for all types of industrial use. These are folding and rolling gates that are installed in areas where large-sized apertures are to be kept.  That can be used in the premises like aircraft hangars, motor depots, in storage and garage facilities, motor shows etc. The wide width folding doors that we provide are made up of various interconnected vertical sections. As soon as these doors are opened, they concertinas and either they move in one direction or slide they just slide in the opposite directions.


We also have wide width rolling gates that also consist of vertical sections. On the opening of these gates, either, they move in the direction parallel to the building façade or in a transverse direction to the aperture. This gate opening or closing method allows the easy use of these gates even in small and near-wall distances. These doors are positioned along the wall’s sides of the entire premises to ensure that the goods are securely kept inside.